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What is Self-Serve (DIY) LIFE and how it works?


DIY – Self Serve Life is when you direct your client to your online Quote Engine and they are in control to Enroll. The client runs the quote and applies.

How it works

Step: 1 Get an instant quote

See your options with multiple personalized coverage plans to choose from before you apply.

Get a quote 

Step: 2 Apply in under 10 minutes

Choose your plan and get coverage in about 10 minutes with no medical exam ā€” just a few health questions.

Apply now 

Step: 3 Get covered

Iā€™m available to help you activate your policy once you get a final decision.

Apply now

 A policy for everyone – literally
Never lose a client again with the industry’s broadest underwriting guidelines and 95% issue rate.

A+ Guarantee
Policies are issued by the same carriers you know and love.


The client has full control to stay a lead or become a client. You collect all information needed to reach out.


Its a win- win. the Lead gets coverage. You either have a lead or a client to followup with..