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About Us

Our Story

INS Marketing was established on March 22nd 2004 and has been providing technology, marketing & Insurance solutions to the insurance industry ever since. We are here to help protect families with access to simple affordable, online solutions. We provide our service on and throughout our multiple web sites. By direct software development, partnerships and affiliations though out the insurance industry. Our goal is to assist the industry by providing quality tools & resources to grow and manage independent agent business.

By running quotes and applying for coverage via our online tools customers are assigned to State Licensed insurance agents . Offering them a point of contact if they have question, and to assist in the process if needed. Many of our quoting tools allow customer to run their own quotes and apply online with no assistance from the agent. Making a simpler, easier, faster, way to find financial protection.

Our Platforms and our partner platforms that we utilize, include but are not limited to Free and Add-On Tech and direct online sales

We are driven by values

Free CRM when you create a Free account and full online back office resources to assist in running your agency.

Super Efficient

FREE CRM when you create a Free Account. Our many add-ons are supper efficient way to assist you in marketing your agency.

Deeply Committed

We are deeply committed to assist you in developing your online agency.

Highly Skilled

Our developers are highly skilled and have provided online video tutorials and easy point click solutions.

Keith Marshall


George Williams


Julia Cassok

Scrum Master