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Knowing Your Lead. The importance of User Research.


You have the opportunity to earn more, sell more, and provide your clients with the coverage they need with this full-line up of add-on products!. 

Replica Lead Capture pages track the origin of a lead. You are also able to select and designate the origin of the lead, level of interest, and add notes and upload documents in your FREE back office.

(QE) Quote Engine add-on offers you the ability to offer more, sell more and provide your clients the coverage they need with this full line of add-on products.

(QE) Quote Engine add-on features Hospital Indemnity, Cancer, Dental, Caregiver plans, Life and Medicare solutions. You will be able to market and cross-sell a wide variety of products to your clients. In addition, you will be able to manage lead and client information, track and set followup appointments as well as over see business sold. All in one place.


By creating a Free Account agents are given the tools needed to manage the day to day office needs.
Add-on product like:
Replica & Lead capture pages assist with online marketing and lead management.
(QE) Quote Engine offers the Tools to take your resources to the next level.
GEO Media provided an inexpensive target advertising media to assist in ( Brand=Agency) Brand awareness .
Call Center is a low cost solution to broadcast your Band and name recognition.


By incorporating all strategies from Free to Add-on your agency now has the tools to assist in growing Brand awareness in targeted areas.